A summer getaway to Hawaii was not top on my list.  Although it’s a beautiful destination, I wanted to spend my summer days elsewhere since I’ve already been to all the islands.   I especially did not want to go back to Oahu.  It’s crowded and touristy!  But, after experiencing Lanikai Beach, I would definitely go back.

Lanikai Beach is ranked as one of the best beaches in the world.  It’s beautiful with its white sand and tranquil aqua blue waters along the Windwardside of Oahu.  It was truly a perfect getaway.  There were no hotels nearby to attract crowds and the beach access was within walking distance from our Airbnb.

A secluded beach in Lanikai away from the crowd

Sometimes you just need a beach day with your BESTFRIEND!

There was so much to do.  My friend, Liz and I biked and spent hours basking in the Hawaiian sun.  We explored Lanikai without fighting traffic and the crowd.  It felt like we were one of the locals just after a few days of being there.   I would definitely recommend Lanikai Beach in Oahu as a place to get some rest and relaxation.  I think it’s Oahu’s hidden gem!

Bikes are available for rent at a local shop. We rented ours from The Bike Shop Phone: (808) 261-1553

Found our perfect spot!



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Comments ( 3 )

  • SMA

    Sounds dreamy! I want to visit there

  • TM

    These Gems are breathtaking! I haven’t been to most of these. Can’t wait to explore

    • Meirose

      It’s a great place! Truly! The drive to Lanikai Beach in Kailua is breathtaking! Thank you for commenting!
      ~ Meirose

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