Select Your Adventure!

When you step outside your comfort zone and travel, you’ll be amazed at what you will learn about history and how people find ways to enjoy life.

Most places in the world is a dreamy place to rest. It’s a place that gives you pleasure of discovering something new, whether you are basking in a tropical island or exploring the beautiful European cities.

I love to look for hidden gems off the beaten path. You never know what wonderful slices of local life you will discover that most tourists will never see.

I love fashion. Although I have my own sense of style, I get my inspiration from others. Every place I’ve visited has a unique style. It’s nice to borrow and share what others wear and incorporate it with mine.

Traveling requires a lot of planning. Tips on where to go, what to pack and how much money to take are all part of this process. All you need to begin this journey is your laptop and an open mind!

An epicurean experience is another way to learn about a culture. You will discover many like to share their specialty dish with you. Go for it!

Do you ever think of your “what ifs?” or “could haves?” Do you have dreams and goals? I do and 2018 is when I realized that I will make that “leap of faith” and do what I love. I am going to embark on a new journey.

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