Have you ever been invited to a destination wedding?  I was and of all places, Lake Como!  I could not pass up this opportunity especially since I was among the few honored guests to attend.  The wedding was held at the beautiful Villa Erba overlooking the lake.  It was amazing!

Since I had a few months prior to the actual wedding day, I researched places to stay and things to do.  Among them was a sailing tour through Airbnb.  I also found an amazing bed and breakfast (Palazzo Albricci Peregrini) in the heart of Como.  It was perfect!  A bike was readily available at my disposal anytime.  I was beyond thrilled knowing that I would be able to explore Como endlessly.  However, there are bike rentals available in town.

I had originally planned to visit other nearby cities in Italy, but I decided to stay in Como throughout my stay.  Even during the 9 days that I had stayed  was not enough.  I thought I’d share a few.

Hop on hop off ferries to villas

Lake Como has many beautiful villas.  Most are open to the public and are easily accessible via ferry.  The villas have beautiful manicured gardens overlooking the lake.

Scenic Bike Route 

Bike rentals are available for day use throughout the lake.  The bike route is very scenic you can bike for hours and stop at one of the villas.  This can be your mode of transportation while in Como.

Funicular to Brunate

The funicular railway which has linked Como and Brunate since 1894 is still the quickest way of traveling between these two towns.  It is another avenue to see and enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Como and the Alps.

Como Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, better known as Como Cathedral, is the main place of worship in the city of Como. The cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and was built between the 14th and the 18th centuries. It is recognized as one of the most important religious buildings of northern Italy.

Sailing Como 

A sailboat tour for a few hours is available through Airbnb.  You can be among the locals and sail around the lake.  Docking the sail at one of the nearby beaches is also another way to experience Como in the water.

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