About Me

My Eyes My Camera

Traveling solo has brought me to many places. I capture all my discoveries and explorations through my camera lens. What an experience to be able to document all the beautiful places I’ve been! My camera, forever my company!

My Story

It all started with my love for food and travel. My travels began in 2008 after I did a study abroad in Madrid, Spain. Since then, I had the opportunity to visit many places, near and far. As an educator, I have summers off as well as 2 weeks in the winter and spring. So, I continue my education through my travels. I not only learn about a new culture, but I am also able to share my travel experiences with my students and hope that someday, I am able to inspire them to do the same.

With many friends and acquaintances asking me about my travels, I decided to share my discoveries (local and abroad) through blogging. I hope I am able to inspire others to seek and follow their dreams of traveling the world. Remember, the world is yours! It’s waiting for you.

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