Have you ever been told by your physician that you can no longer eat one of your favorite foods?  Reality struck after my annual physical test results came in about a week ago.  All of sudden I can no longer eat a variety of dishes due to my health.  Not wanting to compromise this, I have decided to make a lifestyle change.  A change I was not willing to do then, but have decided that I must start now so I can continue living my life.  This means, no more Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin Robbins — I usually stock up on 2 pints of this in the freezer.  No more Maltezers, my favorite malt ball candy and any type of sweets or yummy pastries.  That’s right!  All had to stop in just a matter of a weeks time.  The upside….I already lost two and a half pounds!  The excitement of losing that much in a short amount of time was just like eating my favorite ice cream!

Does this mean I can no longer dine out?  Absolutely not!  My choices on the menu are just limited.  Today was a good example of this when I had brunch at PCPDTLA.  With many food choices on the menu, there was only one that sparked my interest which was the Avocado Tartine with sourdough, Persian cucumber, toasted hazelnuts & pea tendrils and smoked salmon on the side.   I must have looked at the menu items multiple times, but found myself reading the description of the Avocado Tartine once again! So, I ordered this “plate full of delicious healthiness” as described by my friend, Liz!



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    Mmmm sounds delectable!

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