Visiting Barcelona any time soon? It is definitely a place you would want to spend a few days in. I compiled a list of things to do while in Barcelona. From my experience, it would be best to spread out the days and relax in between at some of the city’s famous parks.

Enjoy the view at Park Guell, Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece. Eat tapas at La Boqueria Mercat, the biggest and famous market in Barcelona. This is one of my favorites.

I will never forget my first visit to Barcelona. I shared tapas with a couple (actually they shared with me since I was alone) who made Barcelona their meeting place since both were working at two different continents at the time. If only I knew about Facebook then, I would have friend requested them. Why not?

Take a photo in front of the famous unfinished Sagrada Familia. Yes, it’s still under construction today. Antoni Gaudi is the architect who began this project. And if a soccer game is what thrills you, or just a fan of FC Barcelona, then head over to the stadium and catch a glimpse of the players. Too bad Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t play for them. Or just simply stroll along Las Ramblas and the nearby streets. The architecture will fascinate you with its French influence. Barcelona is definitely a must see!

Click on the free city guide below.ย  It contains a 1-page list of top attractions that you must experience.

Happy travels!


Click on the image below to view a list of my favorite attractions in Barcelona.

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