I may be a short and T-shirt kinda gal when it comes to the beach, but I do love to wear a pretty dress to stroll in.  So, when there is an opportunity to wear one, I’m on it.   It also makes me feel very sensual.  Dresses just photographs well in a beach setting.  They do look very nice in pictures!  Plus, with the beach as the backdrop, who wouldn’t want to do a photoshoot!

Below are just a few of the dresses I have worn to the beach.  I like to keep a few in my closet for a special occasion.  It’s always a great idea to have some.  Who knows, I may just get an invitation for a beach wedding.    I’ve also taken these dresses with me on some of my travels.  They’re all so versatile!

Dress Details

Blue Dress – Zara, USA 

Yellow with White –  Saga in Long Beach

White Floral Dress – Salvatore Hermosa

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