Do you have a “must do” when traveling to new places?  Mine is inevitably biking!   It’s the best way to explore the city, no doubt!  I can go to so many places in one day and discover new things where a car cannot go.  Whereas exploring on foot could possibly take me hours to find hidden gems.  By then, my feet are tired and in pain.

beautiful backdrop for pictures
bikes parked along one of the many docks of Djurgardan
biking is best with company

Endless Discoveries

Nonetheless, biking in Stockholm was definitely the highlight of my trip to Sweden.   With its beautiful surroundings,  I could not pass up a beautiful bike ride along one of Stockholm’s many islands.  Oh the plethora of things to see and do were endless! Biking just made it so much better.  My friend @thyme_and_travel and I had to stop so we could play with the autumn leaves.  We also  admired the beautiful waterfront homes along the way.  It was truly a very nice and relaxing bike ride.

Cycling in Djurgarden

If you are a bike enthusiast and plan to visit Sweden one day, grab a bike at one of the rental places.  We rented ours from a local coffee shop, the Djurgardsbrons Sjocafe.  Otherwise, bike rentals are all over the city.  There are also city bikes.  Grab one and go.  Biking on the Djurgarden island is truly a must!

Ask a local how to get there.  We were fortunate to have dined at the cafe just across from the park.  A local from the cafe directed us to bike across from the Nordiksa Museet (Nordic Museum).  Otherwise, we would have missed it.  The park was hidden amidst all the trees.  Who knew such a beautiful place existed!  Oh the very moment we entered the park,  we were  in awe of the beauty that awaits.  It was like a dream!  The golden leaves were so beautiful!

All my past travels were in the summertime.  So traveling in autumn was truly a joy .   Yes, it was cold, butt that didn’t matter.  All I could think of was exploring something new.  On a bike, nonetheless.   Oh what fun it was!  I could not get enough of the picturesque escape!  I wanted more!  What could have been better than biking all day and enjoying a nice picnic along the way?

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  • Devinder Maan

    Looks like an amazing trip Meirose and such lovely photos! Biking is such a fun activity!!

    • Meirose

      It was Devinder! I really enjoyed my trip to Sweden. Of course, biking was the highlight of my trip. Thank you 🙂

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