A New York getaway is always a good idea.  It’s been a while since I’ve been back!  A solo trip to the Big Apple, nonetheless! With so many things to see and do, a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge was definitely one I could not pass up.  I only had a few hours to spare on my last day, so I got up early and began my adventure.  The 45 degree weather was not going to stop me from walking on this incredible suspension bridge that connects lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Subway Tip to the Brooklyn Bridge

I was very fortunate to have stayed in a hotel that was centrally located.  It was just a 5 minute walk to the subway station. Determined to stroll the bridge and making it back in time to check out of my hotel by 11 AM, I headed to 34th Street Herald Square.  I took subway “F” (Orange)  to Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue according to my Google maps.  My final destination was the York Street Subway Station – a total of 8 stops and a 20 minute subway ride.  From the exit,  it is a 10 minute walk to the bridge from the Dumbo side.

By the way, Google map may not always lead you to the right direction.  Just look for the “Brooklyn Bridge Stairs” sign.  It will take you there.  Also if you see a group of people walking, that is usually an indicator they are going to the same destination.

Yellow Line Alternate Routes

Another option to the Brooklyn Bridge are the “N” and “R” subways from Herald Square.   Both routes take 30 minutes with eleven stops.  The final stop is at the Court Street Station.  From here, it is a 7 minute walk (0.3 miles) to the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge.  This is also an alternate route to the Brooklyn Bridge.  All routes mentioned are good.  The “N” and “R” (yellow) are close to the Financial District and the “F” stops at the Dumbo District of Brooklyn.

My preference is the “F” route.  It starts in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn Heights where you will find many restaurant and cafes.

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