Wine Tasting 

Who doesn’t like wine tasting?  Perhaps a few. But that doesn’t mean you’ll pass up a day to visit a winery.  Even better is a girl’s getaway with wine and cheese. And so our wine tasting begins.  

Brief History 

The Carhartt Vineyard is family-owned.  It’s been in the family for three generations.  They have been in the wine business for over 20 years. It all began when Mike Carhartt’s father, Jack Carhartt bought a ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley in the early 50’s.  The entire valley did not have anything but a barbed wire, thistle and oak trees.

Carhartt Vineyards 

After visiting a few wineries in Los Olivos, our final stop was at Carhartt Vineyard. We decided to set up our beautiful charcuterie spread with wine and cheese at this winery after trying a few of their white and red wine selections. It was the perfect spot – cozy and rustic!  The staff was very friendly and personable. They always took the time to chat with us. Even Mike Carhartt stopped by our table to chat. We enjoyed our stay so much, we lost track of time – we closed the place down. We sure did! Too bad we were there on a Thursday. We were told they have live music on Fridays and that the place is usually packed.  I could only imagine the fun we would have had! More wine and cheese to consume for sure! Did I mention, it’s a dog friendly place?


Bring a Picnic 

Because this place is not set up for serving food, bringing your own picnic is recommended.  There are many tables for small parties and/or couples as well as a long picnic table with benches.  We had the entire table for our picnic spread of various cheeses, fruits, nuts, and salami to go with our wind. 

Cozy Atmosphere 

The seating areas are very cozy and different.  It has that homey feeling. The rustic atmosphere just gives you that warmth.   It’s no wonder we ended up staying until it closed.

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