What draws you to a new place?  Is it the architecture?  Or,  are you drawn to art?   I was definitely drawn to the quaint town of Bendigo  because of my fascination with trams and trains.  Although it is 153 km just outside of Melbourne, it didn’t stop me from traveling quite a distance from the city.  I had no idea how I was going to get there.  But, I did it!  I managed to get on a 2 hour commuter train to Bendigo.  Nonetheless, what really brought me here was the vibrant colors of the tram and artwork painted by Australian artist, Mark Schaller.  Imagine my excitement to have been able to experience and explore the tram!  

On the day I visited the Tram Depot, it was pouring!  However,  that did not stop me!  I walked close to a mile  just to see this colorful masterpiece.  Thanks to John from the Schaller Series Hotel who made the phone call to the Tram Depot to check if the trams were operating due to the rain.  It made walking in the rain worth it!   The attendants at the depot knew I was visiting all the way from California, so Fiona from the depot made it happen. I got my personal tour of Schaller’s colorful and vibrant tram. I was beyond thrilled!


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