I am so excited!  Are you? This year I’m definitely making a big change. To start, I’m setting goals — little goals and big goals! I believe we are the only ones to make change in our life. Setting goals have always worked for me. I may not have followed through with some in the past, but this time, I am going full force with it. What better way to begin the new year!

Goal #1

READING! I have always enjoyed reading but my love for romantic movies have taken over! I watch Hallmark movies on YouTube as soon as I get home from work. It was my way to distress! Now, reading will be part of my daily routine. I set my phone alarm to 30 minutes each time so I don’t get carried away, but if there’s nothing else to do, then I can certainly continue to read.

Here are the 2 books I am currently reading: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Girl, Wash Your Face

Goal #2

WRITE ONE BLOG POST A WEEK! I have so much content I need to share from my previous travels. I’d like to catch up before I do any more traveling! The main focus for most of my post is “traveling solo”. I love to share my discoveries.

Goal #3

LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! I just turned 54 in 2018 and my health has been compromised. I love life and I still have many places to explore and discover. So to improve my health and ability to explore, I will begin a simple exercise regimen starting with using a medicine ball to improve my core strength and reduce some belly fat. It’s easy and fun to workout with.

I hate gyms, so to add a little variety to my core strength workout I’ll include an ab roller in my workout routine.

And since I love to be outdoors, i will often lace up my Saucony Women’s Running Shoes and head out for a power hike in a scenic area to burn some calories. There’s nothing better than to combine exercise with being out in nature.

Changing my eating habits is definitely one of my biggest goal. In fact, I already started to do this in August of 2018 after my yearly physical. Boy, what a difference! As much as I love to eat the bad stuff, I prefer feeling good and NO discomfort after eating all the good stuff that we love and hate so much! No more of that for me! My weight goal is to loose 8 more pounds. I weighed 138 pounds on August 1, 2018 and 130 pounds to date. Not bad, right?

This morning I came across this restaurant, The Source Cafe in Hermosa Beach and had their toast with peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup.  All gluten free ingredients!  A perfect place for paleo eaters!

So I am off to a good start! Remember “Awareness is the Gate to Change”, as quoted in the great book High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by Brendan Buchard

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Comments ( 7 )

  • Sasha A.

    Nice goals!

    • Meirose

      Thank you! I am really excited!

  • Jenifer

    Great goals! Looking forward to reading your posts on solo travel. I love the idea of being able to travel like that. I’ve heard both of those books are great. I linked the books I have on my list when you’re looking for more ideas. Happy New Year!

    xx Jenifer

    • Meirose

      Awesome! Thank you Jennifer! I will definitely check out your book links once I’m done reading mine. Yes, I have so many to catch up on solo traveling! Happy New Year to you too!
      ~ Meirose

  • Alison

    Great goals, looks like you’ve got off to a flying start!

    • Meirose

      Thank you Alison! I thought starting with three goals is perfect to start the year! Thank you for stopping by. ~ Meirose

  • Devinder maan

    Those are all very worthy goals. “7 Laws of Spiritual Success” was my introduction to spirituality and opened up a whole new world of living at a higher level. Hope you have an amazing 2019 Moirose!

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