Happy Client Testimonials

I love my job as an independent travel agent because I love to research and book the perfect vacation for my clients. But I realize that you may want some reassurance about the quality of my service before contacting me to plan your trip.

So to earn your trust, on this page I will share some testimonials from my clients. Remember, there is no fee for my services!

Norman's Testimonial

When my wife told me that it was my turn to plan our vacation I knew only one thing: Mexico. Other than that I was completely lost!

If it wasn’t for Mayrose and all her amazing help, I would still be planning this trip. She was so amazing during this process! Before we began anything, we got a chance to meet with her one on one and really explain what we liked and what we didn’t. From there, she put together a wonderful itinerary, complete with flight information! It had everything we wanted on it: relaxation, adventure and snorkeling!

When we arrived at the hotel, everything was all set up for us and ready to go. All we had to do was show up to the lobby. It was great to not have to worry about a thing. If we had any questions, we texted her and she responded almost immediately! No other travel agent I know is available like that to their clients.

We won’t plan another vacation without her help!!

Norman L.
Happy Travel Client

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