Packing hats are always a challenge!  After years of traveling, I developed a system on how to pack my hats without losing its shape.  Depending on where I go, I usually will pack four to six hats.  It’s part of my wardrobe and I cannot leave home without them.  So I learned to put it together neatly in my suitcase.

How do I fit wide brim hats in a small luggage?  Here’s how:

Gather the hats you plan to take.  Put them one on top of the other (I call this layering).  I usually put the sturdiest one at the bottom I layer them.  Place the hats inside the suitcase.  Then I roll small items of clothing such as a bathing suit, scarves, t-shirts, etc…to put inside the hat until it’s full.  After this is done, start rolling the clothes one by one and put it on top of the flat section of the hat placing them in rows just as you see in the video.

I hope this is helpful.  If you’re like me, you will take the hats that would match all your outfits.  You can bet you will be well prepared to protect your skin with a wide brim hat and look stylish!

Happy Travels!

Watch my YouTube video on how to pack wide brim hats!

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  • Devinder Maan

    Love the video Meirose!!and great tips for packing hats.

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