Wine and cheese – a perfect pair!  Where else could we go to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  Of course, a winery!  Packed my picnic basket and an overnight bag for a girls getaway in wine country.  Living in southern California truly has its perks. We drove to Los Olivos in the Santa Ynez Valley just north of Santa Barbara to have a birthday picnic for my friend @thyme_and_travel.  Just wanted to do something out of the ordinary.  Of course, with me in the picture, there will always be a picnic!

I have never been to Los Olivos for wine tasting so I had no idea what it was like.  I was just hoping for a quaint charming town.  Not a big fan of the corporate wineries.  It just does not have the charm of the smaller ones.

Hideaway Winery

Our first stop was Hideaway Winery.  It was rather hard to miss this one since it was the first one on the side of the road.  The tasting room was very tiny.  Later found out it was orginally the home of the Pacific Union ticketing booth.  Most of the original pieces are still intact.  Did our first wine tasting here.

Epiphany Cellars

Next stop was at the Epiphany Cellars. The wineries are just within a few meters of each other.  It was nice to walk to the next one.  Unlike the bigger wineries, like Napa and Temecula,  winery hopping would have to be in a car.

Carhartt Vineyard

Our final stop was at the Carhartt Vineyard.  We arrived just a little after 1 PM.   After tasting a few of the red wines, we decided to stay.  This is where we celebrated @thyme_and_travel‘s birthday with a beautiful picnic spread.

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