One of the Best Things to Do in Hollywood

Step into a world of fantasy and imagination.  The Museum of Illusion will keep you dazzled with all the optical illusions from being trapped inside a bubble to hanging upside down from the ceiling.  It’s all about the imagination! The 3D illusions will definitely give you the feeling of what it’s like to be up on a ledge of a building looking down!

Runaway Donut

Pose and play.  That’s what the Museum of Illusion is all about.  It’s about the angle!  I had so much fun pretending I was running away from the giant donut!  Flash photography is definitely encouraged.  So snap away!  The more the better and the merrier!  It’s the best way to get a perfect shot.  After all it’s all about the gram!  

Pick a Room

There are so many different props to choose from.  Although some areas could get a little too crowded.  But it’s fun watching others.  My favorite was the toy room.  It gave me a sense of feeling of what it’s like to be bigger and small!  Truly a fun place for all ages.  Not just for kids but also for the young at heart.  

So come on down. Bring your family and friends.  Have a blast! Enjoy the series of optical illusions.  The museum is located on the Hollywood strip. Bring your camera, but your IPhones or Android will do.  All you need is a tripod or you can rent one for $7.  The Museum of Illusions is definitely one of the best things to do in Hollywood! 

Tips and Location

  • Purchase tickets in advance!
  • Select your favorite space/room
  • Bring a tripod for your iPhone or Android
  • Decide what you will do to capture a fun and exciting photo op for the gram
  • Go on a weekday if possible.  The weekend crowd could be a little crowded.  You may have to wait a little longer for the popular rooms.
  • Do not bring a big purse.  A small clutch would be perfect.  It’s very easy to get carried away snapping pictures. You don’t want to misplace your purse.
  • Wear comfortable shoes (the toy room could get a little slippery) – especially if you plan to jump and do cartwheels!
  • Be aware of the 20 minute parking next to the building!


6751 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hours:  Every Day 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

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