I finally did it! I never thought this day would come. And of all places to jump off a plane — Yes, beautiful Australia!  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  Whilst, woke up at 3 AM in the morning thinking about skydiving.  Am I crazy? Just a bit I suppose! But hey, life’s too short! Now I know what it’s like. Sure killed my curiosity 😏 So many thoughts were running through my head. Only one family member knew I was doing this. Well, surprise! It was beyond amazing! To actually be in a wide open space, soaring like a bird was incredible! Now it’s out of my system! Would I do it again? No doubt! The question is, where?

No Turning Back

I won’t lie, I was scared to do this — but, I did it!  There was no turning back now.  If an 82-year-old woman could jump off a plane, then so can I at 51.

Skydiving is no doubt one of my fondest memory from my trip down under in Cairns, Australia.  Looking back, I am so proud of doing something pretty  daring at my age!  No one knew I was going to be embarking on a thrilling adventure of a lifetime, but one of my sisters.  I hope to inspire others to try something out of their comfort zone.  So, if it’s skydiving you would like to do, go for it!  It was truly an amazing experience!

Flying High

Adrenalin rush and scared, I have no regrets!  Now I know how it feels like to soar 15,000 feet above the ground!

I’m Alive!

This was truly unforgettable!  Would I do it again!  Absolutely!

Details & Tips

Location:  Tandem Cairns is located in the Tropical North with spectacular views for skydiving.  It’s a 1/2 day trip that runs twice daily with pick up at 8am and 11am from local hotels of the Cairns Esplanade (Shangrila Hotel, Double Tree Hilton, Holiday Inn, just to name a few) Transfers are in an air-conditioned bus and already included in the cost.  Just be ready to be picked up for a thrilling adventure!

Clothing:  Wear comfortable loose clothing as you would normally dress for the weather on the day.  I wore shorts and it was perfectly fine.  Wear sports shoes, or runners.  Lockers are available to keep your personal belongings.  

Food & Drinks:  You can bring snacks and drinks.  Refreshments are also available on site.

About Tandem Cairns:  No fear, you will be in good hands.  They are Australia’s number 1 skydiving company with over 40 years experience and over 2 million skydives.  Master skydivers are very knowledgeable and will make you feel comfortable.  

Skydiver experts will go over the details before the jump of course and you will get all the proper gears.  They will make you feel at ease so not to worry!  Be one of the first to jump off the plane.  This way your jitters won’t last very long.  Get it out of the way!  I did! 

Video and photos are available for purchase.  I would strongly recommend getting this.  It was worth it!  Video was well done and ready to take just before we were transported back to our hotel.

$99 Photos Only 

$120 Video Only 

$129 Video and Photos 

All skydive video and photo packages supplied on a free souvenir 4gig USB flash drive. 




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