A trip to Australia has always been on my bucket list.  I finally made it possible summer of 2016! However, a trip this far requires several weeks. I was lucky enough to have been able to spend a little over a month down under.

After my third week, I flew to Melbourne from Adelaide. I was very excited! I had researched things to do and places to go while in Melbourne. One of my trip highlights in Melbourne is a day trip on the Great Ocean Road, a 151 mile stretch of highway along the southeastern coast of Victoria.

The drive was spectacular! But, it wasn’t the drive along the coast that brought me there. It was the opportunity to see the 12 Apostles up close and personal.

What are the 12 Apostles? No, not the Bible story. The 12 Apostles are a series of limestone rocks rising from the waves of the Indian Ocean. It is located near the coast of the Port Campbell National Park.

To date, there are only eight rocks still standing. Through the years, erosion caused these rock formation to collapse. It is a beautiful site and is a very popular tourist attraction in Australia. If you don’t mind the drive, it is worth seeing.

I took a tour through Expedia to see the 12 Apostles. But, renting a car and driving on Australia’s Great Ocean Road is definitely a must do if traveling with a companion. It’s only a 2 1/2 to a 3 hour drive each way. The view along the coast is breathtaking. You won’t be able to resist but stop whenever possible to enjoy the amazing coastal view.

I went in July so it was Australia’s winter. Mind you, it was very cold and windy. So, things to consider would be going during this country’s summer and spring months. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful and an unforgettable experience.

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  • S.M.A.

    Great pictures!! Now I want to visit here!

  • Devinder Maan

    Love your new sight Meirose. All the best with your new venture! You are going to be amazing!!

    • Meirose

      Thank you Devinder! I appreciate it!

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