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What do you look for when booking a hotel?  As for me, it depends on what I will be doing.  Of course, location is a big plus.  However, depending on my daily activities, I would need a hotel location in close proximity to a metro station.  But what really draws my attention in selecting my accommodation is access to a bike.  Yes, that’s right!  Almost always this has been a key factor when choosing my hotel stays.

Centrally Located

The Arlo Nomad in New York City had all of what I was looking for.  It is centrally located.  It’s just a five minute walk to the Herald Square Metro Station on 34th Street.  And because this station is centrally located, it was not necessary to transfer  to another metro stop to get to the Dumbo in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge,  The World Trade Center or Central Park.  Yes, it was that easy! There were also many restaurtants and it was just a few blocks from the Flat Iron Building and Little Italy.

The Amenities

The Arlo Hotel may not have all the amenities of what other name brand hotels have, but it was just what I needed for my short stay in New York City.  The hotel staff were very nice and friendly.  It was nice to chat with a few while waiting in their lobby.

The lobby isn’t that big so it could get a little too crowded during check in and check out times.  The hotel however had a very nice cozy room upstairs for guests who just wanted to stay in and work.  I only utilized it on the first and last day of my stay.  Most days I was out and about.  It was pretty cozy to say the least!

But Arlo NoMad has all the amenities a traveler staying in the city could possibly need, including complimentary WiFi and a mini fridge.

Room with a View

My room was on the 29th floor.  I was given one of the best views.  The window was from floor to ceiling.  From my guest room winder I could see the Empire State Building and its surrounding.  I enjoyed waking up to a bright room every day.  Surprisingly,  it was not too bright that it was necessary to close the curtains.  So I left the curtains the entire time.

The guest rooms aren’t big at all.  They average 150 square feet in size with city views. It’s perfect for a solo traveler like myself.  It wasn’t too bad.  There’s no closet or a dresser – just a small effiecient space to hang your clothes.  It’s not a whole lot of space, but I made it work.  I was still able to keep the room neat and tidy!

I’ll be honest, it’s not for everyone!  It worked for me.  Would I return?  Absolutely!

The Rooftop

The Arlo NoMad has a beautiful rooftop.  It is very cozy and has a lot of sitting area.  Unfortunately for me, I went in November so it was very cold.  The rooftop bar was close, but I was still able to enjoy it.  Guests still had access to the rooftop anytime!

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