I wore this classic white dress when I went to Lake Como, Italy this past summer.  It’s a two piece set that I’ve had for years.  The outer layer of the dress is sometimes put over another piece for a different look.  As a seasonal traveler, I already know what outfits to take with me.  And because I don’t like to think about what I am going to wear, I pack things that are practical.  So, I always make sure that I pack something light and wrinkle free.  This particular dress is perfect!  Ideally, I will pack outfits that I can mix and match.  Most of all,  anything that would go well with any shoes or sandals.  I like to be comfortable.  My travels also include hats.  Yes, I do pack at least 4 to 6 hats.  Many of my hats have traveled quite a distance!  They are a part of my travel wardrobe.  Can’t leave without them!  (Check my travel tips on how I pack my hats in a small suitcase).

My hat is from Anthropologie and my white dress is from a local boutique in Seal Beach, California 

Same outer layer but put on with a longer dress to have a different look.

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