Hawaii wasn’t really on top of my list to visit this summer. My mind was already set to going back to Asia. However, after my good friend, Liz convinced me to go, I thought, “Why not? I’m always up for new adventures! It was nice for a change not to do all the planning. Liz did all the booking from our Airbnb to our flight to Honolulu and reserving our rental car. All went well! We had a time of our life. We were Thelma and Louise!

Our flight from LAX to Honolulu was smooth – no turbulence that I can recall. It was a five hour flight, needless to say, like any other, it was long. Our excitement set in just as soon as we were able to see the islands. and our Oahu adventure began the moment we set foot in our Jeep Wrangler. We decided to get an upgrade the last minute. We could not possibly pass up a convertible while in paradise! Would you?

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Comments ( 3 )

  • Liz Lucero

    A convertible in Hawaii is a MUST. A JEEP is better! Especially in the rain ☔️

    • mcm

      Yes, it sure it! A convertible and a jeep are both a must if traveling the Windwardside!

  • Tyr

    Yes, I only get a topless jeep when in Maui. I can be one with the surroundings 🙂

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