What’s your favorite beach?  Mine is Victoria Beach in South Laguna.  It’s truly a hidden gem.  There’s something about this beach that I love so much besides the famous tower that so many come to see and photograph.  The best time to come is during low tide.  Otherwise, it will be a little difficult to cross over to where the tower is located.  My advice… bring shoes with a good bottom grip.  This way it will make it easier to walk on the rocks.  If you’re not much of a climber, it could be difficult; but there are ways to go around the rocks.  It might just take a little longer.

This beach is even more beautiful during low tide.  It is during this time when the rock formation are exposed and many sea creatures can be found in the tide pools.  It’s very fascinating to see all the tiny creatures in the water.  I’ve been at this beach numerous times.  Each time is different than the previous.  It’s even more beautiful when the moss on the surface is exposed.  It creates a beautiful backdrop for pictures.


Parking is very limited.  There is no public beach parking so parking in the residential area would be the way to go.

Wear shoes with good grip to be able to walk on the rock formation.  There are many small shells and sharp rocks stuck on the surface so walking barefoot is not advisable.

Bring a towel.  You never know when a big splash of wave will come right at you.

There is no public restroom.  Be sure to stop by a local spot nearby to use the bathroom.

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